XION products raise a claim on perfect functionality and handling, highest quality of the manufacturing process, and appealing design. They strictly follow the users' desires and requirements while meeting the demands as occurring in modern everyday clinics and practice lives. Rigorous quality tests guarantee XION's gapless quality assurance

XION offers a wide range of otoscopes, endoscopes for the nose and sinuses, laryngo-pharyngoscopes, laparascopes, arothroscopes, as well ashysteroscopes.

XION devices provide innovative and convenient technology for optimal diagnostics and therapeutics.

The new digital device generation enables the processing and archiving of picture, video and many diverse digital data, being constantly sustainably updatable.

Powerful software is essential for the fast and efficient creation of finding reports. Therefore, DiVAS software records, evaluates and archives diverse diagnosis and therapy data. Further, it features comfortable patient-related finding data storage and documentation.

With its modular software design, DiVAS function set can be adjusted to your current needs and gives you you the chance to extend your installation at a later time.