At Optitones, we were truly inspired by a thought to change the world,

the world we belong to as professionals, the world of HEARING and MEDICAL.
This truly inspired-thought did storm our minds and hearts to meet your needs with extreme commitment to implement our utmost efforts, longstanding experience, professional knowledge, as well as our well established infrastructure facilities, and motivated personnel to secure the hearing and medical care you deserve as a valuable customer.    


Optitones -as truly inspired thought- started in 2004 when Khalil decided to earn full support package to desired customers of HEARING and MEDICAL through our vast business network. Accordingly, the commercial part of this thought initiated by establishing “Phoenix Hearing, Ltd.” focusing on hearing business and other related supportive products and services including ENT and Medical equipment as an initial phase.


In order to leverage the successful startup phase that “Optitones” earned as a major supplier for Jordanian market in both sectors public and private, Biomedical Eng. “Muna Abuzaina” joined the team as a valuable partner and became a shareholder too.
At Optitones, we spend every moment to integrate all our efforts, experience, and knowledge that we carry under our belt, into the sole of this business as we did work hard from the early beginnings of our inspired-thought story. We are dedicated to offer only the highest quality products and full backup services and support based on professional vision and good knowledge of our clients’ needs that we all gained through our career life. 
Now that Optitones inspired-thought became a reality, we are starting a new chapter truly inspired by new thought, driven by new attitude, passion, and love of what we do to achieve the extreme satisfaction you deserve as a patient, a client, a professional, or a physician.


Yours truly remain,
Khalil Ileyan