A pioneering hand crafted hearing aid manufacturer representing the German manpower, as well as, a 100% German origin from the very start of research, development, design, assembly and production for an outstanding hearing experience and comfort.

audifon hearing systems and accessories are available for distribution through Optitones in 18 countries in Middle East and North Africa

Audio Service

The German company that focuses on the customer as the BRAND and yet on services & innovations is now represented by Optitones


A unique approach of hearing system fitting built-in glasses frames provided by Optitones and powered by the Austrian manufacturer BHM


Earmolds, swimming plugs, noise protectors, cleansing tools, and more are available at Optitones

Cochlear Counseling

Pre and Post fitting clinical support of Cochlear users and candidates exclusively conducted at Optitones in collaboration with Helm Medical

Hearing Aid Batteries

The best quality, durability and long life spam hearing aid and cochlear implant batteries, is the POWER we offer at optitones 


To help your beloved ones hear better, Optitones provides hearing assisstive devices to stay tuned