Hearing Evaluations 

Learn more about diagnostic & advanced hearing evaluations conducted at our clinics

Counseling Sessions

Optitones staff will help you decide the optimum hearing solution that meets your listening preferences

Hearing Solutions

Learn more about hearing solutions we offer at our most advanced clinics

Life commitment Follow Up Services

After your fitting, try out your hearing instruments in different environments. Talk to your family and friends and note how things sound. If things sound different, it is perfectly natural. Give yourself time – and patience – to become comfortable with your new hearing.

Your follow-up visit takes place after a few weeks of wearing your new hearing instruments. This is the time to:

Share your experiences  

The more information you provide, the more our professional audiologists can ensure your hearing instruments are working optimally for you.

Fine tune your hearing instruments

With the information you provide, our proffessional audiologists can make any necessary adjustments to improve your listening experience.